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In today’s post we are going to deal with oenological terms, wich as novices can be somewhat difficult to understand.

Recognizing myself first as a novice in this great wine world, let’s see if I am able to understand a little more about all this specific terminology.

Volume? Structure? Round in the mouth? Cardinal colour? We are not going to deceive ourselves, when I got here I was scared, I mean… What is all this?

Well, after a lot of asking and some research, I will tell you a bit, with novice terminology, what I have understood about this beautiful and poetic language.

In the first place it is usually very typical that when we want to be advised to drink wine, the first question is whether we want it to be softer, more fruity or a strong wine with volume. Normally, I speak on my own, I usually answer with an understanding face that I know what I like and I say something similar to: “I like the softest, freshest or most fruity”. All this, because I didn’t know whay it means to be strong or with volume, what is it like to have a shot of vodka? Does volume mean that it will fill me so much that I won’t even ger dinner? Normally it is said that we go to the “known” for fear that the “novelty” won’t come to our account.

But… And a soft wine? What characteristics am I wanting to find in said wine?

Well, I have come to solve all these doubts that I personally have had many times and that I suppose will not be the only one.

In the first place I am going to try to define what is the blissful “volume” of a wine, and how can I know if it has a lot, a little, or if it is “flat” (another definition that we will deal with).

The volume of a wine, yes, refers to the sensation in the mouth, filling the mouth or not, that is, do we have the memory of that wine? Technically we can define the volume as the sensation of impact of this in the immediate moment of drinking it. That is, the expansiveness of a wine. For those of the “L” it is that sensation of feeling the wine through the whole mouth, that the aftertaste remains and basically that it tastes a lot, our taste buds are on the surface with this wine and we feel it throughout the mouth, as if the wine weighed a lot.

As for the adjective “flat” in a wine, it refers to the fact that it reminds us of water. This is without taste, without memory in the mouth. Said adjective is almost always in a negative sense for wine.

Another of the terms that we can often hear in the wine world is “structure”. Well. the structure of a wine comes from tannins and its integration with the wine. What do you think? Well, if you feel like me, nodding your head about the unknown, I will tell you. The structure of the wine refers to the support of the wine, to understand it, if the wine has no structure we can resemble it as a ballon, hollow, which deflates and the it would be nothing. The same with the wine, which means that its passage through the mouth would be null, we would not appreciate anything about the characteristics of the wine.

Finally, I would like to define the term “Full-bodied Wine” What what? Well, ladies and gentlemen, that a wine has body is the conjunction of the two previous definitions. That is, we will say that a wine has a body when it complies with that it has VOLUME + STRUCTURE.

And so far today’s post, I hope it has cleared up some of the innumerable doubts that as newbies can arise when choosing or evaluating a wine (saving the “like” or not).

Any suggestion to add will be welcome!

Have a great day!

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